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Notion Magazine - Hyperfrank: The Warning! [AUGUST]

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etta bond

Signed to Labrinth’s new label, Odd Child, Etta Bond is ready to put her soulful twist on the world of popular music. Let’s get it out there, first and foremost, this is an auto-tune free zone! Miss Bond has a great voice, it’s genuinely beautiful, so there’s no need for that manmade piece of machinery. What really sets’ her apart from the rest, though, is her honest words of knowledge – which when layered down on top of her smooth delivery is truly bedazzling.

While singers, especially, these days are trying to push units and stick to happy-go-lucky formats, Henrietta is part of an honest wave of new breed talent ready to bare their soul, as she explains: “Everyone is different, but I suppose some are afraid to show it. I’m not scared!” With a taster mixtape in production and a formal album release set for next year, I’m putting my money on this bubbly young lady to not only steal your hearts, but also kidnap the charts.

The listening booth:

Ask Me To Stay by Etta Bond

faze miyake
Photography by Liam Ricketts

Faze Miyake is definitely at the front of the pack of producers re-enforcing that firm code of dark militant war music, controlled by a simple but powerful force of bass. With his recent remix for Magnetic Man’s Anthemic (featuring P Money) and his Take Off instrumental – which was recently announced as the official anthem to the legendary Lord Of The Mics 3 – his name has firmly been put on the map. It’s exciting to see a young producer gain attention for their raw talent.

A humble yet quiet character sits in front of his simple homemade set-up, which makes me wonder just where all this crazy musical energy comes from? “I drink a lot of energy drinks when I’m making music. It kind of gives me energy to get stuff done.” With a keenness to work with some of the scene’s pioneers on his hit-list – Skepta, Wiley, and a bunch of gripping new vocal collaborations to be announced – it’s just another 360 degree fly-kick in the mouth to the yearly ‘grime is dead’ bellowers.

The listening booth:

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